About Us

(Not) The Cardiff Museum is exactly that!

We are an interactive historically themed zone which charts the past of all things Cardiff. Take a stroll through Cardiffs history from the earliest settlers all the way up to the modern city and its future. Or explore the City suburb by suburb and find out more about where you live.

If you want to visit a real live museum then the National Museum of Wales or the Cardiff Story are the places for you. Find out more about these in our links section.


In the meantime feel free to browse and let us know what you think. Unlike Cardiff we are only just starting out so we would love to hear more about what you would like to see in the future.

Dennis Morgan was born in the Ely district of Cardiff and has lived in the city most of his life. He was educated in Canton High School and later trained as a teacher at Caerleon. After obtaining an external First-class Honours Degree in History from London University, he lectured in the Education Department of the Cardiff Institute of Higher Education.


Though officially retired, Dennis continues to give extra-mural lectures in Local and Modern History. His interests include a love of cricket and football and among his remaining ambitions is a desire to see Cardiff City win the F.A. Cup.